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About the research



"This research must extend in two main directions represented by the two-faced Janus, an eye to the past and one to the future. In order to draw a straight line which connects Venice not only as an aulic past to an absent future but to project the construction of this city to other places, transferring in a universal manner through the use of Art which intrinsically always speaks the truth. Rigor is needed in the task of research. Research has to be filled with the manufacturing production and project that establish the lab. 

It is possible to recreate with simplicity and ease this forgotten way of working. In the practical construction of edifices ideas and projects for artifacts can be truly applied and implemented in a concrete realisation. This entails a longer realisation time. On the one hand we have the object to encourage projects for young artists, musicians, directors so as to involve new energy in our works. Then we wish to organize competitions to reward young talent, to create concrete collaboration with industries, with carpenters, blacksmiths for the realisation of our projects. We want to create a new knowledge web through different artists' compatibility of experience and to produce a new project and a new product that will be realized in collaboration with master artisans."


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