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Laboratorium-Venezia presents:

with Marino Zancanella_ 8th, 9th December 2017 

On the 8th and 9nth of December 2017, the activities of the Aldo Rossi symposium that combine research on the  author and visits to some of his architectures through the testimony of Marino Zancanella, will take place. This  will be a useful opportunity to  discuss and comment on some original master drawings. Visits and comments will be filmed and published as official materials of the Laboratorium-Venice.

"One of the themes of the Laboratorium will be to comment on some of Aldo Rossi's works in a very thorough way, and since in almost all places of the world and especially in Veneto, the first question one is made to answer to is, who was your father , here we must recognize a spiritual paternity in the figure of Aldo Rossi who wanted to convey his knowledge to those who can observe; despite the fact that it has been widely published and reviewed, there is, however, an unrecognized and perhaps inexplicable part that it is difficult to know if one has not had any personal contact with him. 
Being together is a model of life and behavior, but above all it is a transmission of knowledge that takes place exaxtly as it may do in a craftsman's shop, from father to son. And in a similar way, because the transformation of what we do and think occurs in the same way in the human mind. When this human relationship fails, we tend to an estrangement of thought itself and there is no longer a proper relationship between past and future that outlines a continuity like the bifaced Janus with an eye facing the past and an eye facing the future.” 
 Marino Zancanella, interview by Davide Gabriele at the opening of Laboratorium-Venezia




- ACT I_ December 8: 

Visit to the Laboratorium-Venice, [Calle de Mezo 1592, Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio, Venice]. 
The visit to the LV will start at 10.00 and will last until lunchtime, organized by the Laboratorium. Activities will resume in the afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00 with a seminar open to participants in the symposium where through individual interviews, critical observations will be collected (the collected material will be an integral part of the official documents of the Laboratorium-Venice). This opportunity will be useful to arch. Zancanella’s comment on the project of the "Sacca della Misericordia" realized with Aldo Rossi.

- ACT II_9 December: 

The genesis of the project of the Town Hall of Borgoricco lived by Marino Zancanella. 
The visit to the Town Hall will take place at 10.00 am and will last until lunch, which will be organized by the Laboratorium and take place at the restaurant "Al gallo" in Noale. The activities will resume in the afternoon at 16.30 at Zancanella’s private  residence, which was itself designed by Aldo Rossi and where other master projects will be shown.

Act II will end with a dinner at the Zancanella residence organized by the Laboratorium.

Pre-requisites are collected by sending an e-mail to: where the name and telephone number must be specified. Emails must be sent by December 3, 2017. For organizational reasons, the number of participants will be limited.

(*) The excess requests will be considered for the organization repeated meetings and other dialogues during  January and February. 

Registration will take place through the response and the sending of details from the Laboratorium-Venezia.


Villa Orlowo and Laboratorium Venezia present:  
The 3rd International Symposium of the Amber Road



The Amber Road, is an attempt to revive the ancient trade route that connects northern Italy with the region of Kujawy and Pomerania in the Polish lands. For millennia, this route linked south and northern Europe, allowing a lively exchange of goods and consequently an exchange of cultural, artistic and intellectual values.
The cultural influences of the Mediterranean area have reached the area of ​​present-day Poland along with buyers who have attempted a long and dangerous route from the Adriatic coast to Kujawy and over the Baltic Sea to obtain a mysterious stone, washed ashore by the waves, called in old slavic language “jantar” known as amber, which today - as in ancient days - in addition to its aesthetic qualities, special healing properties are assigned to it.
The idea of ​​the contemporary Amber Road is an attempt to revive the old tradition of exchange while enriching the real exchange of goods with new content: cultural, intellectual and artistic. The contemporary Amber Road is a work of art, a world of ideas, cultural events in the space between Laboratorium Venezia in Venice and Villa Orłowo in Kujawy. The three official milestones of the cultural project “The Amber Road” are represented by the Laboratorium-Venice in Venice, by Badoere (Municipality of Morgano, IT) and by the Orlowo Foundation at Villa Orlowo-Inowroclaw, Poland. Currently, as part of the Amber Road, there is a project of an exhibition of paintings by the artist Wojtek Ciśniewski ,a painter from Mazury working in Warsaw, at Laboratorium Venezia - a partner organization of Villa Orłowo in Venice. 

Acting under the patronage of Piotr Całbecki, marshall of the region Kujawy and Pomerania and Tadeusz Kacprzak, major of the Municipality Inowrocław,
Villa Orłowo (represented by Marek Grzona, Founder of Foundation ORION and promoter of arts in Villa Orlowo) and Laboratorium Venezia (represented by arch. Marino Zancanella and Davide Gabriele with Domenico Basso - councilor for culture of Badoere representing the Mayor of Moroni, Treviso -, Geraldo Lafratta - Venetian artist numerologist -, Giovanni Scantamburlo - architect and chief technician of the Municipality of Noale, Venezia present:

The 3rd International Symposium of the Amber Road in Inowroclaw, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship/Poland, the15th, 16th, 17th May 2018.

May 15th: _10,00 official meeting between Domenico Basso - the councilor for culture of Badoere and Tadeusz Kacprzak - the Mayor of the Municipality of Inowroclaw - at the office of the Municipality of Inowroclaw.
_ 14.00 visit to the Basilica of the Smiling Madonna and archeological site Askaukalis; trip to the monuments of Romanesque art in Strzelno and Kruszwica; return to Villa Orłowo

May 16th: _10.00 Registration for the International Symposium of the Amber Road: “Polish-Italian symposium on the Romanesque style in art and architecture in Kujawy” at the Concert Hall of the Music School in Inowroclaw
- Prof. Dr UMK Krystyna Sulkowska-Tuszyńska - “Archaeological and architectural research on the monastery hill in Strzelno”;
- PhD Dariusz Kurzawa - “Kruszwica - the first capital of Poland and its romanesque monuments”
- PhD Marcin Danielewski - “Romanesque Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the light of 19th century photographs”
- Arch. Marino Zancanella and assistant Davide Gabriele - “The preferred forms of the mind and the analogical method of comparison between the Italian architectures and the Polish ones; presentation of the project for the construction of the square in front of the church of the Madonna that smiles“
- Edmund Mikołajczak, MA - “Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Inowrocław - only parish?”
- Marcin Woźniak, MA - “Late Romanesque ceramic floors of the Franciscan church of Inowroclaw_Moderator: Marek Grzona, MA
_14.00 lunch and continuation of the symposium panel discussion at Villa Orlowo with the presentation of the cultural projects of the Laboratorium Venezia

May 17th: sightseeing in Toruń; return to Villa Orłowo

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